Anti Slip Footwear

anti slip footwear

Last week, we discussed safety footwear and the misconceptions around this and workplace footwear. This week, we are discussing anti-slip properties.

All workplace footwear has to have a slip resistant sole. But what do we mean by slip resistant? There are three categories that one can choose from when selecting anti-slip footwear; SRA, SRB & SRC. Tests are done on a rig with the corresponding floor type, the correct coefficient of friction is sought for each combination to achieve EN ISO 13287

SRA: This means the sole has been tested on a ceramic surface with a soapy solution. This is ideal for those individuals who work in a kitchen type setting.

SRB: This means the sole has been tested on a steel surface with a glycerol solution. This is ideal for those who work in a construction type setting.

SRC: This means the sole has been tested on both ceramic and steel surfaces, and with both soapy and glycerol solutions. This level of anti-slip is often a preferred choice by customers to be failed safe.

By choosing SRC you would think this is the highest quality and you are covered for all eventuality right? Well, not so much. Within this classification the quality can vary hugely. When selecting slip resistant footwear there are other areas we recommend you to look at such as GRIP ratings. These have evolved out of a research paper called RR801. It is a voluntary system and is looking for the increased coefficient of friction.  The sole pattern can be made more “intricate” to achieve an SRC rating, however this means it’s more likely to clog increasing the risks of slipping in the workplace (not necessarily on the test rig), that’s where the rigor of the RR801 tests come in….

The GRIP rating is ranked on a six star basis, with stars 1- 4 meaning it has been tested with water, and stars 5 & 6 being tested with water and a glycerol solution.

Think of this a bit like sun cream (which we also stock by the way). You choose Factor 30 (SRC). This is a high level and will protect you from sun burn. But, there is the UVA & UVB ratings to consider that are rated out of a 5 star rating. 5 stars deliver ultimate protection, however you can purchase a Factor 30 with on 3 out of 5 stars which is not the same quality.

When choosing the correct footwear, make sure you speak to one of our experts and explain how the footwear is intended to be used. This way we can find the solution to your problem, and advise you on the best product.

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