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Keep cool, stay safe, look good.

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re hot, the next minute you’re cold; first, the sun is shining and then it’s pouring with rain. This week we are featuring our flexible garment, Coolviz Plus polo shirts, which cater for these extreme conditions by keeping your outdoor workforce comfortable and content.


5 On Site Safety Tips for Office Workers

In any industrial environment, such as Manufacturing or Recycling, there is often a need for people working in the office to regularly go into the operational environment.  Here are 5 Health and Safety tips to keep those office workers safe.[more]

10 Health and Safety Steps for Waste and Recycling

Health and Safety in the waste and recycling sector is a hot topic.  For 2016, the HSE reports that there were an estimated 6000 cases of self-reported work-related illnesses.  This equates to 4.7% of the workforce compared with 3.2% for all industries.  Whether collecting, processing, sorting or disposing of waste, there are ways to make health and safety improvements.[more]

What PPE Does Father Christmas Need?

As far as we know, Father Christmas has not changed his workwear since he started.  So, if he underwent a Health and Safety assessment, what PPE would he be required to wear?  PK Safety investigates.[more]

This Grass Is A Health and Safety Hazard says Royal Mail

When you see a news article on the BBC News website entitled ‘Dangerous grass stops post deliveries in Pontypool‘, it is fair to question whether this is health and safety gone mad.[more]

What PPE Would Be Worn In 2016?

Health and Safety had a different meaning when these constructions workers were building skyscrapers.  And in 2016, what PPE would these men be expected to wear?[more]

Being Seen in High Visibility PPE

Our marketing team were faced with the next challenge for our company promotional videoHow to demonstrate High Visibility Clothing.  Walk out into the path of a car when it is dark, was the suggestion.  Great idea!  And our Stuntman duly obliged.[more]

Demonstrating Waterproof PPE

“So how can we demonstrate how waterproof our waterproof PPE really is?” was the question raised during a PK Safety brainstorming session.  “How about videoing firing water from a high pressure 50 bar fire hose directly onto a Stuntman wearing the Waterproof PPE?” was the answer.  Now all we had to do was find a Stuntman.[more]

5 Ways to Protect Roadside Waste Collectors

In a series of 5 separate blogs, we looked at the health and safety issues faced by our Roadside Waste Collectors on a daily basis.  Come wind, rain or shine, those men and women arrive at our homes and work premises to remove our waste.  It is difficult to imagine a civilised society surviving without the Roadside Waste Collectors and we examined the types of PPE that keep them healthy and safe.[more]