Cutting Through The Jargon

Here in the PPE industry we come across a lot of rubbish and we don’t mean waste and recycling. We mean jargon!

In particular, the waste and recycling, rail and construction sectors, which are loaded with abbreviations, jargon and industry familial terms, and to anyone new or outside it just sounds like another language.

Here at PK Safety we are going to break down the jargon and cut the uh…waste, if you know what I mean, and get down to the nitty gritty! These are some of the most common terms that are used and we have broken them down for you.

RWT – Residual waste treatment

ESD – Electro static dissipative

SWARF – Offcast of a manufacturing process. Liquid mixed with tiny shavings means that this becomes very corrosive.

ESDS – Electro Static Sensitive Devices

EPA – Electrostatic Protected Area

Ring spun – Yarn is simultaneously twisted, wound and spun to create stronger yarn that is softer to the touch.

Needle stick – Threat of needles in the working environment

Anti-Pill/Pill Free – This treatment prevents the formation of little balls on the surface of the fabric

Pre-Shrunk – garments have already been washed which means that the garment will not shrink after additional washes.


We hope that this glossary has helped break down some of the confusion. If you have any you think we have missed, please send them through to us!