Garment Decoration

A company uniform isn’t complete without displaying your logo on it. We work with our customers to ensure they have the best solution to maximise brand exposure and the ability to identify workers and operators (especially for services based companies and local authorities).

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Embroidery: With 8 and 4 head embroidery machines on site we are able to offer good quality logo embroidery for very tight deadlines, meaning our customers can rely on us for delivery of quality garments when they need it. Embroidery visually displays logos, slogans and names very effectively, creating a visual brand identity and making it easy for your clients to identify workers and operators.
  • Heat-seal: We offer Heat-sealing for a wide range of work wear. This method of garment decoration works effectively for both complex and simple designs. Ideal for use on Hi-Vis and outerwear, this is the choice for companies with workers out in the elements!
  • Tax-Tabbing: The preferred method of garment decoration for corporate suiting. This method offers a subtle way of identifying your garments as part of your branding and marketing and retains the professional look and feel of your corporate suiting package
  • Screen-Printing: This is the option for the big and bright designs! Go for this option when you have a vibrant and colourful design you want to communicate to the public.