Heavy Manufacturing

Providing adequate PPE on time to the Heavy Manufacturing sector requires knowledge, stocks and dedication.
Here at PK Safety we combine all of these to offer the perfect solution for your company, whether you are in the Automotive, Metalworking, Steelwork or Chemical sector.

We provide a range of products and services to these sectors including:

  • Protective Clothing: From chemical resistant suits to flame retardant and arc protective solutions We work closely with clients and end-users to ensure that the standards are properly understood and utilised to increase wearer safety. However we also focus on clothing that looks good so users actually want to wear it.
  • Safety Gloves: We offer a wide range of safety gloves for many different applications, ranging from cut protection to heat and chemical resistant solutions.
  • Safety Footwear: We combine expertise with supply to offer an excellent service to end-users for safety footwear in the heavy manufacturing sectors.
  • Respiratory Protection: Whether you are protecting against dusts, mists, fumes, gases or vapours, we work with a wide range of suppliers and industry experts to offer a complete range of respiratory protection products and services.
  • Head, Eye & Ear Protection: We offer a wide range of protective solutions for the head, eye and ear to a range of sectors, including the metalworking, chemical and steel industries.

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