Light Manufacturing

The timely supply of the correct workwear and consumable PPE to the light manufacturing sectors (such as the manufacture of food, textiles, pharmaceutical products or electrical components) is crucial.

Supplies for this sector can include:

  • Janitorial supplies – particularly important where hygiene and product integrity are of paramount importance.
  • Supply of correct Workwear – whether protecting your staff from hazards (protective coveralls & hi-vis clothing), maintaining product integrity (cleanroom clothing) or correctly portraying your company’s brand (branded workwear)
  • Footwear – Crucial for many companies with strict rules about acceptable footwear for their sites (for both safety and occupational footwear). PK Safety UK combine knowledge of a wide range of applications with extensive quality ranges to meet all needs for workplace footwear.
  • Hand Protection – Gloves can either protect a workers most important asset (their hands) or preserve crucial product integrity. We combine expertise with extensive ranges to offer a complete solution.

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