5 On Site Safety Tips for Office Workers

In any industrial environment, such as Manufacturing or Recycling, there is often a need for people working in the office to regularly go into the operational environment.  Here are 5 Health and Safety tips to keep those office workers safe.[more]

31% of Waste Workers Exposed to Infectious Materials

Over 31% of workers in the Waste and Recycling sector are exposed to Infectious Materials for at least 25% of the time.  This compares with just under 10% for industry in general.  With such a high risk factor, the correct selection of Personal Protective Equipment is paramount.[more]

Gore-Tex Safety Boots Keeping Toes Dry

In 1969, W. L. Gore and Associates introduced a waterproof, breathable fabric that would change the lives of the millions of people who work outside.  That material was Gore-Tex.  This revolutionary fabric repelled liquid water whilst allowing water vapour to pass through.  It is composed of stretched polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is more commonly known as the generic trademark Teflon.  And Gore-Tex is used to produce waterproof Safety Boots.[more]

Dr. Martens Survey on Safety Footwear

Dr. Martens produce one of the most iconic brands of footwear in the world.  The unique Dr. Martens type of Boot and Shoe is worn by movie stars, pop bands, students, and workers.  In fact, there are three pairs of Dr. Martens boots in my shoe cupboard.[more]

10 Health and Safety Steps for Waste and Recycling

Health and Safety in the waste and recycling sector is a hot topic.  For 2016, the HSE reports that there were an estimated 6000 cases of self-reported work-related illnesses.  This equates to 4.7% of the workforce compared with 3.2% for all industries.  Whether collecting, processing, sorting or disposing of waste, there are ways to make health and safety improvements.[more]

PK Safety Release New Product Catalogue

PK Safety has released a new Product Catalogue for 2017.  The new comprehensive catalogue provides information on a wide range of products, PPE and workwear used daily within the workplace.[more]

Waterproof Safety Boots Keeping Toes Dry

It is raining, again.  Not unusual for the UK.  But you are working outside for 8 hours.  Somehow you need to try and keep dry.  Keeping your feet dry will at least take some of the pain away.  Thankfully, you are wearing Lightyear Utility Waterproof Safety Boots.  At least your feet will be dry![more]