Waste & Recycling Sector

If you work within the Waste and Recycling sector you’ll appreciate how important it is to save costs on insurance and legal fees as well as maintaining safety for your workforce.

Some of the crucial equipment we can supply include:

  • Safety Gloves – We offer advice on a wide range of protective gloves for the Recycling Industry, including cut protective, liquid protective and needle protective solutions
  • Safety Footwear – It is crucially important to safeguard your workers’ feet in a recycling environment and with the extra complication of weather hazards it remains a difficult task to source footwear that remains comfortable throughout the year. We offer a unique solution to this with our popular and growing range of Lightyear products. The Lightyear range is extremely comfortable (using only composite components for the protective parts of the boot or shoe) and offers protection against the elements with all styles having water resistant uppers and selected models being completely waterproof throughout.
  • Clothing – The provision of clothing is crucial, especially Hi-Vis clothing to roadside operators. We offer expertise within this industry to ensure that your recycling company gets all the PPE and clothing it needs on time. We also offer extensive garment decoration (link to garment decoration page) services for all clothing.
  • Head, Eye and Ear Protection – We offer a wide range of products for the head, eye and ear. We combine expertise with our wide range to ensure that you have the perfect solution for your workforce.

Contact us today to discuss your PPE and clothing needs.