Workplace Footwear

We were recently discussing the minefield that is safety footwear, and more specifically the misconceptions that surround the term safety footwear.

Our team of experts have created a footwear guide specifically so that you the customer can make an informed choice when choosing the correct footwear for the job. All footwear deemed as workplace footwear falls into one of three categories.

Occupational (non safety) footwear EN ISO 20347

Protective footwear EN ISO 20346

Safety footwear EN ISO 20345

Let’s start with the first misconception. The term Safety footwear should only ever be used when referring to EN ISO 20345 products, and not as a generalised term for footwear relating to PPE. This simple communication error, or lack of understanding could lead to incorrect PPE being used.

Within each of these three categories the footwear is then sub categorised to a further four levels.


Level one

Level two

Level three

These sub categories correlate with levels of protection included as standard? Think about when you buy a car, specifically a Mini.

You can buy a Mini One, Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper S, just like the three different footwear categories, within each of these categories; you can get a basic model which you can add extras, like the sub categories within workplace footwear. The next level up is a mini with a pepper pack, which has certain elements as standard for that level but you don’t get on the basic model. The option to purchase extras is still available, just like workplace footwear. A chilli pack is the next level up again which has even more fancy elements as standard but the option to purchase extras is still there. You can of course go all out and get the John Cooper works, aka the bee’s knees, all singing and dancing model which covers you for everything, like the level three sub category.

Next we will be discussing the toecap impact resistance and anti slip categories.

To get a copy of our guide on workplace footwear speak to one of our team on 01443 741999.