5 Steps to Keep Your Office CleanPosted on 30th July 2019

In every growing business it’s vital to keep your workplace clean and tidy. Not only does this help boost productivity but it gives you a nice clean space to work in. As they say, a clear space is a clear mind.


To help keep your office clean, we’ve put together some handy tips for you to take on board.


  1. Throw it away


rubbish on the floor next to the office waste bin


If you don’t need It, why keep it? Take a good look at all your papers, pens, folders and pile up what you will need and what you will never need again. If you get into a habit of having a clear-out at the end of the week clutter won’t build up as often. It also means you will be able to find what you need a lot easier! We’ve got this great value range of white square bin liners, they’re ideal for office bins!


  1. Go digital


someone typing on the computer


Most offices have gone digital. Nowadays, with so many companies offering a paper-free option there really is no need to have tons of paper files lying around the office. There is an app or a website for everything, so you’re not bound by paper to accomplish certain tasks. That being said, if using paper is a must then make sure you reuse and recycle where you can.


  1. Clear your desk



Not only is a clear desk aesthetically pleasing, it gives you a more comfortable working space and less distractions. Your desk is where you complete all your important tasks and work on your career goals. To help reduce your desk clutter get some containers to put in your drawers so everything has a place and things aren’t just floating around. If you’re lucky enough to have some wall space then put up a shelf where you can place your must-haves.


  1. Clean your electronics



We’ve all been there, we all eat at our desks. Whether that’s because we’re too busy or for convenience. This means no matter how careful you are you’re bound to get some crumbs in your keyboard, but don’t panic! There is a really easy solution, all you have to do turn your keyboard upside down and give it a good shake! To be extra thorough we’d recommend a blast of compressed air to get rid of any stubborn crumbs then go over it with an antibacterial wipe. We recommend our PK Anti-Viral wet wipes for this, and while you’re at it we also suggest wiping down your computers and phones too! Do this at least once a week to keep on top of it all.


  1. Provide the tools



Keep on top of it by providing cleaning equipment in the communal areas, like tea towels, washing up liquid, kitchen spray and dishcloths in the kitchen and toilet brushes, paper towels and hand soap in the bathroom. If everything is there and readily available, there will be no excuse not to keep a clean and clear working environment.


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