8 Top Tips for Safety in the WarehousePosted on 19th July 2019

Today we are going to be looking at PK Safety's 8 Top Tips to help warehouse workers stay safe in the warehouse.


Yellow hard hats for safety workers


Wear protective gear

Protective gear is crucial to staying safe. This may include hard hats, safety goggles, safety boots or ear defenders. All of these are key to protecting yourself from physical or mental damage in the warehouse.


Step by step of a woman showing how to lift boxes correctly


Follow proper lifting techniques

Ensure that correct lifting techniques are applied whenever lifting items. Keep a straight back, and bend your knees.


Report injuries immediately

Injuries must be reported as it could save someone else from getting hurt. Whether it be the fault of a machine or another employee, it must be reported to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Man in hi-vis reversing a forklift


Never perform duties you are not trained / licenced to do

Workers should never attempt to perform duties that they have not been properly trained to do.


Pay attention when crossing aisles

The aisles in a warehouse are one of the busiest and most dangerous areas in a warehouse. Pay attention to all visual indicators, like lights, floor markings and signs. The biggest danger is the heavy machinery that drives through them.


Get to know all emergency procedures

Ensure you know all evacuation routes, in case of emergency evacuation. It is important to know this, as there could be a need to exit the warehouse quickly at any time.


Report unsafe behaviour

Unsafe behaviour must be reported, as if safety protocols are not being followed, it may put that person’s colleagues at risk.


Report non compliance

Non-compliance must be reported, as a warehouse is only as safe as the least safe person in it.


For more information on safety tips, call us on 01443 741999 and one of our trusted advisors will help you.

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