Clothing For WinterPosted on 7th November 2018

If you’re reading this page right now then you’re probably looking for clothing that will keep you warm this winter and if it’s suitable for work then that’s even better!


Classic Hooded Sweatshirt Hoodies


Let’s start off with our ‘Classic Hooded Sweatshirt Hoodies’, they come in 11 different colours. From a bright red to a deep, dark navy blue. It’s made from a 50/50 polyester cotton blend and has some fantastic features, including a front pouch pocket! Perfect to hold your phone or keep your hands warm this winter.


Standard Fleece Jacket


It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include any fleeces in our winter clothing reccomendations. Our ‘Standard Fleece Jacket’ comes in 7 colours and the sizes range from a S – 4XL! The fleeces are standard 300gsm so we can guarantee it will keep you warm and comfortable. If you’re buying this for your organisation then consider getting the fleece jackets personalised with your company logo for a small fee on top. 


Result Fleece  Bodywarmer


We understand that sometimes heavy jackets or hoodies can feel a little restrictive. If you’re wanting something to give you full movement of your arms but still keep you fairly warm and comfy then our ‘Result Fleece Bodywarmer’ could be a good solution. They only come in navy or black but we find they can easily be paired with a variety of other colours. A bonus is that they have anti-pill technology which means you don’t have to worry about the material pilling and looking worn out quickly!


Regatta Dover Jacket


The ‘Regatta Dover Jacket’ is a steal! Prices start from £21.72 and it benefits from being waterproof, windproof, it has a concealed hood, taped seams and an inside pocket for extra security. It’s perfect for cold, wet weather and comes in black, green, navy, red and blue!


Thermal Socks


If you’re anything like us they you know that when your feet feel cold then so does everything else. Our ‘Thermal Socks’ are looped with terry fabric for extra warmth and comfort. These are guaranteed to keep your feet warm!




This list just wouldn’t be complete without a ‘Beanie Hat’ recommendation. You can choose beanies with or without Thinsulate material, but if you have a little more spare change we would suggest opting for the ones with. The beanies come in a variety of colours and are a one size fits all.


Thermal Long Johns


When a lot of people hear the words long johns they easily assume it’s a form of sleepwear. To be completely honest, it is, but there is no reason why they can’t be a base layer underneath your everyday clothing to provide the wearer with additional warmth. The ‘Thermal Long Johns’ come in blue, navy and white. What’s great is that because they’re such a thin, comfortable fit no one would be able to tell you have that extra layer for warmth.


Lightyear Voyager Waterproof Safety Boot


In Winter, waterproof boots are a must. Especially for workers who spend a lot of their time outdoors or in wet conditions. The ‘Lightyear Voyager Waterproof Safety Boot’ features a durable scuff cap, a composite toe cap and midsole and the lightweight construction means you’ll feel like you’re walking on air!


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