ESD Terms ExplainedPosted on 1st February 2019

There are so many different terms used when it comes to explaining ESD to someone, why not send them this little guide as a helping hand for them, or even yourself!


ESD – Electrostatic Discharge


Electrostatic Discharge caused by an imbalance of potential on charged objects or persons by contact or close proximity.


ESDS – Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Device


EPA – Electrostatic Protected Area


Area equipped with ESD protective measures.


Electrostatic Charge


Is produced by frictional contact and separation of materials.


Resistance to the ground (Rg) according to EN 61340


Is the resistance between an electrode on the surface and the grounding point.


Latent Damages


Latent damage is the damage caused by an electrostatic discharge onto an ESDS. This reduces its reliability without causing immediate fire.

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