Heres 3 tips for good hand hygiene in the officePosted on 17th April 2020

Here are 3 Hand hygiene tips for the office


Germs love to get around the office, but there’s plenty of ways to prevent them from doing so.
1. Washing hands regularly and thoroughly helps to reduce and remove potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.


2. Reminders near sinks and basins that encourage workers to wash, dry, and sanitise their hands, while discouraging the use of smartphones in the washroom, can make a difference. A smartphone taken into the washroom will invariably end up with germs and bacteria on it.

3. In washrooms, investing in the correct air care solutions will help neutralise bad odours and intelligently fragrance the air throughout the washroom, while installing no touch soap dispensers and sanitisers too, which help to promote hand hygiene by eliminating the need for contact and – subsequently – the spread of germs.

if you contract a virus such as Norovirus – a stomach bug that causes vomiting and diarrhoea – make sure you stay away from the premises for at least 48 hours after the symptoms have disappeared, to avoid wider contamination.









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