How face masks, gloves and other coronavirus waste is polluting our oceanPosted on 9th December 2020

Millions of gloves and masks are being thrown away every day, its time to sounds the alarm on where the single use products are ending up, waterlogged masks gloves and hand sanitiser bottles and other coronavirus waste are already being found washed up on our beaches.

There are disturbing photos and videos giving evidence of this new form of pollution, the biggest risk is there are now more masks in our oceans than jellyfish.

Back in February OceansAsia flagged the growing number of masks being discovered during a plastic pollution research, huge amounts of masks were found on the Soko Islands and off the coast of Hong Kong.

8 million tonnes of plastic enter our ocean every year, this adds to an estimated 150 million tonnes already circulating in marine environments.

One study estimates that in the UK alone , if every person used a single face mask a day it would create an additional 66,000 tonnes of contaminated waste and 57,000 tonnes of plastic packaging.


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