LEGO Group launches online safety and digital citizenship campaignPosted on 22nd July 2020

A new initiative from the LEGO Group will seek to help families have conversations about staying safe online and being a good ‘digital citizen’.

Small Builds for Big Conversations is a new campaign from the LEGO Group that aims to help parents discuss the online world with their children, providing tools to demonstrate good online practice and behaving in a way that doesn’t harm others.

According to research the company is citing, parents spend just 46 minutes talking to their children about online risks throughout their entire childhood, feeling that they don’t have the resources or expertise to do more.


Here is an explanation from the LEGO Group of what this new initiative is about:

The ‘Build & Talk’ challenges are based around characters built from LEGO bricks, who represent both the positive and negative aspects of life online. Parents and children are encouraged to build similar characters with LEGO bricks they have at home and use play and conversation prompts to talk about digital wellbeing, safety and potential dangers.

 The LEGO Group has seen the urgency in good online practice since more than 290 million started learning from home as a knock-on effect of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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