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Rinse aids, dishwashing liquids, tablets, powders and laundry detergents for every industrial machine washing application.

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Clover Laundry Detergent 10 litre

A liquid Laundry Detergent for use in automatic washing machines to achieve brilliant cleaning for all your clothing and linen.A...



Clover Rinsi Dish Wash Rinse Aid 5 litre

A rinse additive for all automatic dish and glass washing machines. Prevents spots and hazing on crockery and glassware, leaving a...



Daz Washing Machine Tablets XXL

Professional laundry tablets for use in regular washing machines.XXL pack for high usage workplaces.



Daz/Bold XXL Washing Powder

Professional washing powder for use in regular washing machines.



Fairy All in One Dishwasher Tablets 70's

Dishwasher tablets for regular dishwashing machines.Provides reliable and effective cleaning action.



Clover Auto Glasswash Detergent 5 litre

A powerful detergent for machine glasswashing that removes stubborn stains and soils and leaves a sparkling finish.Auto Glasswash...



Clover Fabric Conditioner 10 Litre

An opaque, blue liquid, which contains a high active blend of fabric conditioners and pleasant fragrance in an aqueous base. For...



Machine Dish Wash 5 litre

Effective and rapid-cleaning dishwashing liquid for dishwashing machines.



Machine Liquid Dish Wash 25 litre

Effective and rapid-cleaning dishwashing liquid for dishwashing machines.

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