Message from Managing Director Roy WellsPosted on 19th March 2020

PK Safety hope this email finds you, your colleagues and families well, the health and wellbeing of all our stakeholders is a priority.
At PK Safety, we have been doing everything we can to keep to keep business as usual, this update is to summaries the impact, mitigation and preparation in terms of the unprecedented affect of COVID-19 on the continuity of supply from PK Safety to our valued customers.

COVID-19 has seen an increased demand for many health, safety and janitorial products that we stock, in particular:

  • Face masks 
  • Goggles
  • Disposable gloves
  • Garments
  • Sanitiser based products.

We are doing everything we can to continue with our high level of service during these testing times. All purchase orders received for the above mentioned products, regardless of contract, customer or method is being monitored. 

As you will be fully aware, COVID-19 is leading to challenging circumstances in terms of supplies.

PK Safety hold large stocks of all our core products. However the current demand is putting stock availability under extreme strain.

The other challenge that we've experienced are price increases from manufacturers who have limited production and/or delivery capacity. We anticipate currency challenges too. Resourcing items may involve you accepting a price increase to maintain the supply.

We are doing all that we can to satisfy the demand, but it has reached a point where we cannot guarantee supplies. This position is particularly difficult following European Commission restrictions of the export of PPE out of the EU which will impact on our supply chain. 

PK Safety are continuously reviewing plans to provide service to customers. We are poised to implement our business continuity and disaster recovery plans as COVID-19 advice needs to be implemented or is mandated.
We appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times and hope you stay safe and well.

Roy Wells 
Managing Director


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