Kills up to 99.9-99.99%

No power needed - Effective against COVID-19  - Eco Friendly - Covers 550sqm




What is Rapid-10 Rapid Sanitiser?

Rapid-10 with Fluid Science produces high-performance disinfectant for all types of hard surfaces, suitable for food preparation surfaces.

Our Anti-Viral Surface Disinfectant has been laboratory tested against several

“enveloped” viruses including COVID-19 and achieved 99.9-99.99% kill ratio across the testing range.

Ideal for - Play areas - Shop fronts - Train/Bus Stations


Rapid-10 rapid response sanitiser

The easiest way to Sanitise areas large or small.

Ideal for any area that needs sanitising, no need for any power or compressed air source.

Use on emergency vehiclestrains, buses, trucks, offices or warehouse areas


Rapid-10 Contains a natural anti-microbial and anti-viral active ingredient found in many foods which is effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses.

Rapid-10 is eco-friendly, due to the all natural formulation process, with active biological ingredients used as opposed to alcohol.

Our natural ingredients are readily biodegradable and have no aquatic toxicity, thus they offer a greener alternative to conventional alcohol products and minimise environmental impact.

Multi-surfactant combination:Ensures highly effective cleaning. Also includes a natural scale control package that is highly-effective at reducing scales associated with hard water.

COVID-19 has a virus ‘envelope’ structure. This suggests it will be sensitive to our Anti-Viral Disinfectant as it kills 99.9% of similar ‘enveloped’ viruses in under 5 minutes. As such our leading scientific teams have tested our products against several of these viruses: HERPES-Simplex 1, H1N1, HIV, Hepatitis B

Rapid-10 is designed to target key features that a bacteria needs to survive and multiply thus killing or inactivating bacteria. This can involve several methods from cell wall destruction to forcing too much liquid inside the bacterial cell forcing it to burst. Inactiva­tion renders the bacteria unable to reproduce effectively, stopping new bacteria forming.

Adapted nozzle to create a light mist spray
Dries in under 10 minutes for quick turnaround


Biocidal effectiveness in compliance with the following standards:Modified DIN EN1040, Modified DIN EN1276, EN1276, and EN 14776* (*Anti-Viral solution only).

Manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ensures consistent quality of product.