Stop 'N' Go - Colour Theory Posted on 29th May 2020

Though it maybe self-explanatory as to why we’ve chosen the red and green for our Stop 'N' Go safety gloves we thought we would dig a little deeper and give you the psychological reasons behind why we associate red with stop and green with go.


With over 30 years’ experience in health and safety, we were able to provide a solution for every single problem we faced...but one. 






Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing. If not death, a serious injury is highly likely. 

Safety is the basis of our livelihood so we knew this couldn’t go on. We had to create a simple solution to save lives.


After countless hours brainstorming, discussing, creating prototypes, and loads of coffee we finally arrived at a breakthrough! 

Universally colour-coded gloves dedicated to vehicle safety. Created for your daily tasks making it the convenient switch.



The colour red can be used to communicate a number of ideas depending on its context, it can be associated with love and matters of the heart or as the colour of blood and violence. In this instance, we associate red to be the colour of danger. So, when the hand signal shows red on the palm it means STOP, it’s dangerous to go.



Green is often used to communicate nature and the environment, often due to how often the colour green shows in our surroundings. Green is also known to help alleviate signs of depression and anxiety which is why television guests will often wait in a ‘green room’ to relax before going on air. You can see for the most part the colour green has an overall positive and calming vibe. This is is why when the hand signal shows green it means GO, it’s safe for you to do so but proceed with caution.


For any questions regarding the Stop ‘N’ Go safety glove you can send a message using our contact us form or pop onto live chat in-between 8am-5pm and one of our advisors will be happy to assist.


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