Using Sulphuric Acid as Drain CleanerPosted on 22nd May 2018

We all know that calling out a plumber can be expensive, especially for a blocked drain. For this reason, we highly recommend using a sulphuric acid drain cleaner which has been proven to just about eat through anything! From paper and food scraps, down to hair and grease. Our sulphuric acid drain cleaner has the ability to melt through all the gunk and unclog your drain within seconds!
Our sulphuric acid drain cleaner is an industrial strength product of 93% so you must use it with caution, however it is a very simple and easy product to use. You won’t require any special training to use it and all you need to do is pour it down the drain and leave it to work! Make sure you flush the piping with plenty of warm, soapy water to remove any leftover sulphuric acid once the drain is unclogged.
If you’re facing a more severe clog then we advise you to slowly pour half the bottle (500ml) of sulphuric acid then let it sit for about any hour before turning the water faucet on. If the clog still hasn’t gone, then we advise you to turn the water off and add another 250ml/500ml of sulphuric acid drain cleaner and let it sit for another hour. Continue doing this until the clog is gone, though speaking from experience we’ve found our sulphuric acid drain cleaner to be effective even against the most stubborn clogs!
Now, while sulphuric acid is very easy to use, you must remember to be safe by wearing the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Either eye protection such as or ‘General Purpose Safety Goggles’ or a full face shield like our ‘Clear Acetate Straight Visor’ or the ‘Clearways Browguard Carrier’ will do, along with a pair of pvc gloves, like our ‘Red PVC Open Cuff Gloves’. This is mainly due to the strong fumes of sulphuric acid and getting it on your hands could irritate your skin. You don’t want to risk it!
For further advice on any of our products please talk to one of our technical sales experts on 01443 741999, email or simply visit our contact us page.

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